The Story

Oughton Limited equestrian inspired luggage, handbags and accessories. A range of waxed canvas bags trimmed with premium bridle leather and bronze halter hardware… inspired by a life lived with horses, at the farm and on the road. Whether around the ring or around the world, a great trip starts with the right bag.

The heritage and tradition of the equestrian life is evident in the dress, the scenery and the sport itself. Traveling with horses takes an astonishing amount of preparation, packing and organization. Yet we are rewarded with beautiful settings, healthy competition, wonderful family activities, wise mentors, lasting friendships and the bond between a rider and mount. The hours that go into the preparation and care of the animal, the attention to detail and level of excellence that is ingrained in every successful horseperson is the ultimate inspiration for Oughton Limited’s line of equestrian luggage. The result is a line of rugged chic bags that evoke a sensibility of long-lasting utility, and timelessness over trend that will become an enduring heirloom for the next generation of riders who will wear the patina of your travels with pride.

The line began with the Tacktrunk Bag. Daphne Markcrow, founder of the line, describes the beginning, “I designed it for my own use and had it made by a saddlemaker out of waxed canvas and leather. I instantly loved the way it looked and how it helped me organize and pack for a one-day clinic or a two-week long horse show. I also loved the look and functionality of the materials. Waxed canvas turned out to be the ideal fabric for luggage: lightweight yet very strong, breathable yet waterproof. I loved that the fabric had history too. The US Army developed waxed canvas during WWII for jackets, tents and other demanding field conditions. As I used my initial ‘Tacktrunk Bag’ at horse shows, others wanted one. I ‘sold’ several without having any idea of how to manufacture them. Now my customers buy several, custom plated with the owner’s, horse’s or farm name.”

Since the initial success of the Tacktrunk Bag, the line has expanded to include handbags, totes packing cases and rolling luggage, and is enjoying a crossover market well beyond the showgrounds. They were a huge hit last year with spectators at the Hampton Classic where Oughton Limited was the official prizing sponsor. “Customers who had already bought one or more Tacktrunk Bags for their horses now wanted one for their college-bound children, horse show dad’s bought it for their fly-fishing trips, and show mom’s for organizing the back of the SUV. A rock star even bought one as a ‘touring bag. Because horses are not merely a sport but a way of life, the line is designed to be at home, on the showgrounds or a trip around the world,” says Markcrow.

A quick note: Oughton Limited makes every effort to reduce our impact on the environment. We believe the ultimate way is through the design and production of timeless bags of supreme quality that will serve many future generations. In addition, we make every effort to consolidate shipments, reduce waste and improve quality. Like our customers, we are on a journey to be better citizens of our planet and more importantly, know that our efforts are sincere. Our entire offering is not a model of eco-perfection. But we hope that our efforts help you to bring more “green” to a life lived with horses.


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