The Middleburg Mystique

Horses, lavish parties, elegant estates, murders, and rivalries – an inside look at the people, places and mystique that surround Middleburg, Virginia. “Middleburg Mystique” by Vicky Moon, reveals the charms, gossip, and scandals of this small well-to-do village, and the surrounding swath of horse farms just 50 miles west of Washington, D.C. It tells of scandalous divorces (like actor Robert Duvall’s wife running off with the poolman) and racy murders (like arms heiress Susan Cummings shooting her Argentinean polo-playing lover). Middleburg has captivated the Kennedys, Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Wagner, and Oliver North. It has gossiped about misdeeds, then turned around and protected both rich and lowly as if they were all family. “Middleburg Mystique” also provides an insider’s peek behind the grand stone entrances of massive estates with names such as “The Meadows” or “Heathfield” that belong to families such as the Firestones, Mellons, and Marriotts.


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